Silver Dollar Mintage

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Frequently Asked Questions...

Coin Collectors can u tell me how much these coins are worth?

1881 O (New orleans mint) Morgan silver dollar.
Mintage- 5 million,700 thousand
Beautiful obverse rainbow Toning (Green and Orange)
Toning occurred when coin was laying next to mint bag- sulfur in mint bag interacted with the silver in the coin to produce the colors.
Grade of the coin is Brilliant uncirculated (Mint state 60)

A nice morgan #1 (1889 Philadelphia) (NO Mint mark)
Graded by NGC- mint state 64
(A) Full Strike
(B) Beautiful Luster
(C) Pumpkin orange toning (Both Obverse and Reverse)
A few minor contact marks on liberty's face and above the eagle VERY CLOSE to 66M65

Best Answer...


The 1889 - P in NGC 64 has sold recently - these are real, live eBay prices, not values out of a book - for $49 to $80. A few of them had slight toning and both sold for $75. You can go there if you're registered (to be able to view sold items) and compare yours to those. A beautiful rainbow can add substantial value - double or triple in some cases, as toning can run the whole gamut from ugly to breathtaking, and the breathtaking are rare.

For the 1881 O, not certified by NGC or PCGS, toned examples in AU (and a 'raw' coin called MS-60 is borderline AU) sold for $37 - $53 with eye-appeal the main decider. Ungraded so-called 'choice BU' toned coins are in the $75 - $90 range. The real thing, in a PCGS or NGC MS 60 holder would probably run about the same, and a true Choice coin (63 or 64) if toned might get near $200. It's a better coin in high grade, and untoned MS 64 by PCGS are in the $160 ballpark, actual sold prices.